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Your web profile or website is your most important marketing collateral for the 21st century and please spare me the word of mouth as that’s given to all who supply good work product/services.  Consequently, it’s necessary to take a deeper dive into your presence including those that have a “big law” profile.  Typically, you can market both and should since the web is precisely that-multi-links-&-lin©s.  Both websites & webpages can be “optimized” for visibility, performance metrics.  Optimization is a multibillion dollar industry and when we talk/hear about SEO, that is the the geeks proverbial “big 0”  |#01balanced10 #|0|BIG|0| #010Binary1010#| FILL ñJOBS 


Right now if budget is no expense and you want the best in the world to compete for your marketing dollar which is essentially name|image|likeness, you may want to go to  You will see credible reviews from the some if not the best in the World, internationally.  If price/value is a top concern, I can refer a dozen or so credible professionals each with over a decade of experience.  Also forget about the #bbb in brackets meaning foget-a-bout’em (my Pesci voice is avg. & I’ve been called him once in a bar probably due to height/dark features.  Nevertheless, let’s take it back 1-2-3 steps and redefine 2-the ABCs What is S-E-O: #{a}t&t|orneys #[B]est [C]ommercial #@torneys

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Launching into brand new employment markets in 2020–quite possibly the worst year for the legal placement industry due to the unique characteristics of the pandemic–was difficult at best.

Yet, the leadership at Legal Link Confidential (LLC) had a vision and counted on their 15 years of legal placement and partnering experience to make this bold move.

“We focused on positioning ourselves with the largest firms in Washington DC, New York, and Charlotte, and proving with both credibility and work ethic that we could bring high-quality candidates when law firms were ready for them,” said Geoff Wexler, principal at LLC.

“It’s now paying dividends for our legal placement clients.”

Last June when there was less than one legal associate openings for most large law firms, this placement group took the opportunity to grow and enhance their business firm relationships.

“Those numbers were anemic,” said Wexler. “We knew momentum could be generated by nurturing each professional relationship when the economy strengthened.”

LLC now has strategic placement relationships with 30 of the top 100 law firms, according to the American Lawyer (AmLaw).

Wexler believes strongly in personal connections with both client and attorney talent. He focuses on connecting the right candidates with these law firms.

“Many organizations in placement include law as a part of what they do,” said Wexler. “This is all that we do.”

“Our motto is FIRM: Find, Interview, Represent, Match professionals in legal pathways with the right mix of consultative matching, compassion, collaboration and balance.”

Conversely, now that number of openings has ballooned almost to 25X factor in growth since June 2020, LLC’s approach is both discrete and elite.

“Hiring firms can try to bring a ‘laundry list’ of candidates to the law offices, in hopes of making one of them stick. We’re particular about which candidate goes to the legal team for a confidential review and interview.”

“Bad matches don’t do anyone any good, so we’d rather minimize the time commitment for candidates and the clients alike.”

In less than a year, this strategic launch has resulted in over 300 active legal openings, mostly at the staff, associate and counselor levels.

“The targeting and re-engagement have swung the momentum. There are definitely opportunities in nearly all sophisticated areas of law practice for attorneys looking to explore their options.”

You can follow Legal Link Confidential on their Company Blog, their Updated Job Listings or on LinkedIn

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***We have 300+ legal jobs, mostly associate track or staff level & here are some to C0DE***
|#|We are not content|#| DC, NC/SC

4/13/21 [email protected]/sam/dal




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[L]abor {A}ttorney-Charlotte

(a)large southeastern law firm with a national practice, is seeking an attorney with a substantive labor/union background interested in a flexible as needed hours position as counsel.  Candidates should have at least ten years of dedicated traditional labor experience including collective bargaining, contesting organizing campaigns, defending unfair labor practice charges and  practice before the National Labor Relations Board. Candidate should be able to provide counsel and drafting assistance concerning management of union issues in the context of mergers and acquisitions. Relocation to Charlotte, N.C. may not be required.  Responsibilities may include significant client interaction and periodic travel.

{E}-Discovery Lead Review Attorney-Charlotte

(aaa)large southeastern law firm with a national practice, has an immediate need for an E-Discovery Lead Review Attorney. This position requires an attorney with a JD and knowledge and experience with discovery in civil litigation and/or complex investigations. Applicants must have knowledge of civil litigation procedures generally and strong familiarity with e-discovery and the technology involved in e-discovery, include Relativity. Qualified candidates should have a minimum of 2 years of experience working on document reviews in a team leadership role. In addition, candidates should have substantial experience in performing QC review, drafting privilege logs, and reporting document review metrics.

F[in]Financial Services Associate – Renewable Energy Project Finance

[aAa]large southeastern law firm with a national practice, is seeking an experienced transactional lawyer for its Financial Services practice.  Preferred candidates would have one to four years of experience representing lenders and tax equity investors in renewable energy project finance transactions.  Excellent academic performance and strong interpersonal skills are required.  Competitive compensation package includes full benefits.

A1aTaX Associate or Counsel – Renewable Energy

[AlA]rger southeastern law firm, is seeking an experienced renewable energy tax counsel or associate to work in our Charlotte office. Qualified candidates should have at least four years of experience with renewable energy tax credit transactions, preferably with both sale-leaseback and partnership flip structures. This position will also provide general tax support for the firm’s corporate and finance practices, and prior tax experience with diverse, sophisticated transactional and finance matters is preferred. Competitive compensation package includes full benefits. With appropriate experience and client relationships, partner level candidates may also be considered.

[1nt]ellectual Property Patent Prosecution Associate

[1LLC]lient has an immediate need in its Charlotte office for an Intellectual Property associate with one to three years of IP focused patent prosecution experience. Qualified individuals will have an undergraduate degree preferably in either Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineer or Computer Science. Excellent academic performance and strong interpersonal skills required. Patent Bar membership is preferred but proper academic degree to sit for patent bar is required.

Corporate/Securities Associate or Counsel

[a][A]alarge-southeastern firm with a national prac, is seeking a corporate and/or securities associate for its Corporate and Capital Markets team with between 3 and 7 years of experience. This attorney will handle mergers & acquisitions, private equity transactions, corporate governance, capital markets transactions, securities regulation issues, and general business matters. Preferred experience will include some combination of drafting acquisition documents, joint venture agreements and general commercial contracts, handling corporate governance matters, and preparing [SEC] filings including offering materials and periodic reports,. Accounting and/or finance background and understanding of financial statements helpful. Excellent academic record and strong communication skills are required.

Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions Associate

a1alarger-southeastern-law-firm with a national practice, is seeking Mergers & Acquisitions Associate with four to six years of high level general corporate experience and with the skills to take a lead role in complicated mergers and acquisitions transactions. Qualified candidates will have experience with drafting and negotiating commercial acquisition documentation including stock and asset purchase agreements, shareholder agreements and joint venture agreements.  Qualified candidates will also have experience with managing transaction teams across multiple disciplines and practice groups and with taking transactions from due diligence, negotiation and documentation through closing. Candidates should also have excellent written and verbal communication skills and excellent academic credentials.


AAALARgE-southeastern-law-firm-with-[a]-national practice, has an opportunity for a staff attorney with corporate/business experience to assist with document preparation for asset and equity transactions. Seeking at least two to four years of experience drafting transaction documents, including acquisition documents, stock and asset purchase agreements, due diligence materials and related ancillary agreements. Candidates should also have excellent practice experience and excellent written and verbal communication ability.

llC-St-aff-i-Hedge Reviews-Charlotte,NC-ll

1{C}1ient-with-a large southeastern law firm with a national practice, has an immediate need for a staff attorney to work in its finance practice reviewing and summarizing certain provisions of credit documents with respect to the treatment of derivatives products. The preferred candidate will have significant experience in finance and documenting syndicated loans. Qualified candidates must also have strong academic credentials. The position has outstanding pay.

[MAVM]-Charleston, SC-below|


Aaa[in]tellectual Property Transactional Associate

aaaN-immediate-need in its Charleston office for an associate with three to five years of transactional experience! (e.g., IT, licensing, outsourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and/or M&A contracts and negotiations).  Experience in data privacy and data security matters is a plus, but not required. Excellent academic performance and strong interpersonal skills required. 


[AAA]Mlaw200-firm-Charleston office is seeking a partner with complementary practices and a portable book of business to expand the service offerings of our Charleston office. The ideal candidate has substantial portable client relationships in sophisticated practice areas that either match or complement our own. Qualified candidates must have strong academic credentials and eligibility to obtain a bar license in South Carolina. Competitive compensation package includes full benefits. Ideal practice areas include:  Privacy, Intellectual Property, Economic Development, Government Contracting, Commercial Real Estate, Corporate/M&A, and Litigation.


704.576.0933 | 202.505.7481

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A|A|After-starting with daily appreciation b4 phone[apps], one should go outside & work if the job f-l-e-X-e-s-{is}-still a benefit, especially if you are living in South where the weather is gorgeous #Freshair #FinTecH #Charlotte. LLC’s  coming out with our first [lol]PR\r.Flash[lol] campaign for foundational SEO, which is geek-talk or at best boring to anyone following, I’m sure. Regardless, we definitely want to appreciate some old friends helping out in more ways than gr|8| #eManN|Buz.BizK[in]g|TuT|re|code|req|

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