Pattern Off Sequence (POS)  | (SOB) Son Of a B….eauty

Pattern Off Sequence (POS) | (SOB) Son Of a B….eauty

Anticipation the Demonstration & Appreciation of the Creation ~ This Relation:

Balance and posturing patterns are observed within engagement cycles of legal professionals on both sides of the potential transactional lateral process. In reflection, the amount of detection from posturing in the form of projection, misdirection, deflection and correction can be beautiful but can also be tough with changing elements in the form of newer pulls, undiscussed opportunities, incumbent increased leverage,  and lifestyle changes or motivations of the legal professional.  When these factors are coupled with varying timelines like immigration growing families, or life changing events, we do encourage overcommunication when possible. 

I never expect anyone to go too deep into why we are talking unless they want me knowing their true passions in life.  I do like hearing what makes people tick, but I don’t always ask those leading questions due to comfort assessments. I try to ask about the extra stuff that is bothersome whether it is fear or greed motivations. Recall, greed for success or family, or anything important to my legal PRO is great for me to know and is awesome that the trust is initiated on their end anywhere with motivations.

Here is something that I want to improve on upfront.  I notice like college choices I’m sometimes 1B, 2nd, 3rd, or almost always up against the counter offering incumbent.  Consequently, I get postured in a ghosted pattern that can be problematic when repetitive.  A response backs that keep everyone on balance is good. Zero words or 1 word responses are telling but should not stop the conversation until the other party expresses true concern or balanced commentary towards everyone’s time. I will discuss Patterns Off Sequence (POS) and Son’s Of a Beauty (SOB)in case someone needs a cLue that we are on to your repress/suppress recruiting operatives. Remember, legal professionals typically have a rough start with this equilibrium and you don’t want to call them out. Son of a B is for Beauty, because we care about legal PROs and have worked with the best antitrust and competition, defamation and litigation all stars.. If you get this message it is heartfelt, and we think you are worth the relation time, even as an advocate or friend if the networking time has been solid up to now.  Everyone has an agenda

Off balance conversations even email chains can be a super easy read to assess interest or motivation.

Atypical patterns in legal recruiting get easier to anticipate as you have more interviews and offers lined up while the by in questions on both sides are telling at times.

Having more intel and sequenced questions while staying on a balance level 5 will give you the posturing to control your narrative coupled with the art of the follow up on all chanced opportunities you want to explore.

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