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Great lateral experiences should mutually be beneficial to both sides and we typically see 1-3 moves before partner being positive if an attorney sticks to firm development versus in-house or own/other private practice. We need to build upon our questions from this lesson to touch on work/life granular loaded questions when we are now farther along the interview process. The typical big law lateral experience is 2.5 rounds as we also discussed. The next rounds of qualifying questions are crucial for the match to progress and I like seeing pre-conflict report questions (which precede or follow all big law offers), reporting partners outlined and billable hour discussions. Outlining these operational / organizational next steps & hiring authorities are best done in conjunction with agency and candidate talking.

The rest of the team should be outlined if the first round is mutually positive in feedback. Sometimes there are posturing delays from the firm side and that can vary on different groups or markets. At the private sector there is a level for due diligence or comparison shopping that can take place at the brand clout or firms with more developed TA resources we called professional agency screens sometimes when underdeveloped to be transparent versus adversarial. Unfortunately, each practice group to us is not always a well oiled uncovered machine especially in big Law where we work many sophisticated concentrations. Posture patterns are recommended in these cases with leveraged transparent market pull alongside agency and candidate to qualify everyone’s non billable time exploring the potential fit.

For the purpose of this entry we will define:

Recruiting [in]ergy = [in]tel + [in]fluence

High [in]ergy questions to ask if you are jiving with your lateral interviewer(s)

So what are the best questions and best strategies: High Octane, Loaded & Sequenced Questions like:

a) Can you outline the reporting structure and my counterparts?

b) Provided that I’m hitting on your parameters, can you outline next steps including timelines

c) As a confidential candidate, I’m very interested in knowing about my teammates, can you detail how a second round or subsequent round(s) typically is structured?

d) I was interested in meeting or picking X brain about your group due to admiration for his/her work or some connection, would X be involved in the process or would that be something you may arrange?

e) Benefits/Billable Hour requirements/Maternity Policy/Bonus Components and anything in writing that can be asked and collected is strong leverage along with knowledge if it aids in the candidate’s decision process.

f ) Client development questions and portable relationship process questions if there are deal sheets involved or portable book potential. Agency and candidate can work on these questions together but they should be sales-centric and also can redact the client and just show industry

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