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4SC0RE F[][]Lñ nrg Connections #FERC #WILD #EnergyLAW


Both the creative and the sales centric parts of me want to run with forward some times which is why I love using the greyed text now that we are digital. The competitive pieces in my DNA want to win that race and go fast from the jump.  My 70 year old consulting father, Jack Wexler consistently runs marathons at his age while I am transparently less active outdoors. On balance, I have actually led a 5k in my lifetime. The story is not super glamorous and some might say premature or immature but I bolted all energy off the gate. I do not want to overstate (thanks redacted Antitrust friend) but I may have led the entire first .1 mile. #Leader.  I recall finishing in the bottom 20% but we will just reference or posture the leadership positive.  Sometimes humility is best for transparency in life versus ever prefacing with the word, “honestly.”  Always thank the best coaches while recognizing own self growth in true passion projects  I have no passion for marathons and feel the hamster effect.  I like to jump rope and elliptical but if I had access, I’d swim like my father-in-law who also cycles.  #BalanceEfficencyTime POETRY

+PROSE>//“If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?” –-Abraham Lincoln


“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” –Abraham Lincoln


“He can compress the most words into the smallest ideas better than any man I ever met.” –Abraham Lincoln, referring to a lawyer

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Practice areas include Litigation specialties Tobacco, Hemp, Marijuana & ATF reform/regulation


Efficiency Time and Balance are crucial for all professionals but especially legal professionals who are literally on the fricking clock.  On balance, I recommend interval running if one is to get into that hamster wheel.  But I am passionate about jump-roping and geek out on digital marketing to the connections that know me the MOST.  I have some other lawyer friends that have lost some weight rather quickly that would be amazing if they commented on their success for efficient tips -on balance-.  I believe in a dozen or so 1 liners and one of them is success leaves footprints.  #SEO #Algorithm #Formula #Links #Connections #Patterns #Sequencing #Success #Others #entrusted #energy

The Fast Forward re: cognizing patterns [in] others re: masterminding re: activating remembering others we [en] trust

Forward w/ no commentary sometimes in life is the best posture move for success through others we care about in the life part of work/life balance:

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