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§How do we have a non merit based immigration policy here, whereupon awesome international attorneys are in the same lottery system as? II PART Special FEATURE ft׳**³∞ WHERE the WILD THINGS ARE + DR>EU<§

Antitrust legal people are pretty cool, open minded, and maybe a tad skeptical, which comes with the practice area. Don’t want to overstate my recruiting, but I’d like to say I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to roughly 25+ concentrations of attorneys. Like engineers, there’s a lot of you great folk out there and I appreciate all my professional connects, the conversations.

It is interesting working with both “ANTITRUST” lawyers and “TRUSTS” & Estates attorneys.  Can you guess which one really “trusts” the process, and who are the more equilibrium/calm type?  Sometimes when an introduction or match is made, I advise all my attorneys to LEVERAGE the healthy NUDGING, alternative pulls and current job in hand, to consolidate the process.  A strong boss once advised me that in our place, TIME stifles all deals, but delayed satisfaction is also true.  I always want my friends with JDs to help along the way control the narrative and box out the competition because it can affectively MASTERMIND the process very well, even though theres only 1. and another AmaZinG_1 is Go1ogle, really cuts through the BS.  The lateral space is not the same as OCIs, whereupon they are open to be closed and a spectrum of choices is not how deals are typically closed. #Lateral #Land #Life – The 3 L’s are coming up  L[if]t.  Mastermind is an interesting word that I do not want canceled as it can be utilized>used for GOOD.  I am against the school of thought that MASTER Bedroom should be changed or off-limits  #PORTERWRIGHT #JONESDAY @tackSHOP Waxhaw #CWT

Since I was in grade school, I have researched, built upon and even recycled a topic or 2 close to home. I would say from ages 12-18 up including my Senior Exit Project for HS, I chose Alzheimer’s disease an advanced dementia. My aging grandparents were going through it along with such a large sector that it was worth the deep, progressed dive.  Also, who else liked to reutilize/rebuild upon that same topic?
Sources: Matthew P. Pase, Jayandra J. Himali, Paul F. Jacques, et al: “Sugary beverage intake and pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease in the community.” Alzheimer’s and Dementia, April 2017.  Matthew P. Pase, et al: “Sugar and artificially sweetened beverages and the risks of incident stroke and dementia: a prospective cohort study.” Stroke, April 20, 2017.

#AA Alzheimer’s Aware week is < -under|construction blog:#sugar #research #So-dadadadada

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