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ω/\/\/\/|\/Ω/|\/\Σ©As≡annual associate attorney bonuses start getting paid out it is clearly great there has been more lateral movement overall this quarter versus the past 4. This holds true for all legal professionals including support and paralegals. Strength in your paralegals should never be overlooked both culturally and structurally with respect to the workforce. My personal entrance to legal recruiting was from a buildout standpoint converting a general staffing agency into every concentration of paralegals before venturing into attorney land which can be a 3 times longer sales cycle it feels.

With only 1 or 2 other recruiters at a time we staffed corporate paralegals, probate paralegals, PI paralegals, workers’ comp defense paralegals, family law paralegals, banking & finance paralegals, immigration paralegals (both the fam. asylum & the biz. H1B1lotsof#s&letters) bankruptcy paralegals, IP paralegals and more.   INternationally in Charlotte, DC, NY, and growing support roles in London is where LLC is headed to recharge and bolster the brand.   Cross networking and cross selling work when you treat all professionals with respect and keep everyone’s expectations and budget’s in mind even if it’s a pass. Client interview progress is never guaranteed to go smoothly with out without representation.  If there’s representation, Always, Be Communicating

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I wish more overcommunication, respect and courtesy for the talent was displayed on all legal professionals process. I see 2 rounds for lateral attorneys and 1.5 for paralegals on average in the lateral space. These openings are designed to be closed. Agencies like when postings may read open to or no agencies please. Otherwise there can only be bad posturing if terms or process is not laid out in advance in my opinion. I visit both lateral boards in the AmLaw space which include associate/counsel attorneys and business support. In June when I was counting the fractional 1 nationwide opening (.65), I don’t think business services would have been more than 2 openings nationwide. It was terrible and the prior months weren’t great either. Therefore, if there is any firm that got a half price reduce to ridiculous offer, I’d jump because the good paralegals whether impressionable or experienced will culturally shape the entire firm.

Thanks to Stephanie everyone that we’ve met at the UNCC program for Continued Education Paralegal Certificate.

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