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  1. Discover what people are asking about online.

Your best content ideas come from questions people are asking about the type of law you practice. There’s a great tool called TextOptimizer that enables you to research these questions in one spot. All you have to do is type in one of your keywords on the Find Content Ideas page; in this example, I typed in “child support” and got these results. This tool has other features to help you really drill down into content suggestions and helping you find combinations that better match search engine expectations.

  1. Have your intake team record prospects’ questions.

In addition to the standard information your intake team gets from prospects, ask them to start recording the questions they are getting from callers. You can use an app like Slack or Google Docs to build a database of all the questions and then you’ll be able to view them easily in one place.

  1. Take note of seasonal trends.

Include seasonal trends like holidays, back to school, summer vacation travel, Super Bowl, etc., in your content calendar. For example, if you practice family law, you know that divorce and parenting topics are popular around the Christmas holidays. If you practice estate planning, you know that tax topics are popular in the month before April 15.  Wave Video has a free social media calendar on their website that lists every day of the year and what is being celebrated — for example, today is National Small Business Day.

  1. Use keyword research tools.

Keyword research tools are not just for SEO; they can also provide you with some real insight into your potential clients’ interests and questions. There are a couple of tools you can use to generate content ideas:

Kparser — type in the main topic idea and this tool will generate a ton of keyword ideas around that main topic. I typed in “divorce” and it gave me a topic that I’ll bet most of you have never written about: divorce in the bible!

Answer the Public — type in a keyword or phrase and get an aggregated view of the questions people ask Google and Bing. You can download the results in a spreadsheet or in a graphic format. I typed in “child support” and got this:

  1. [RE]Package old content #REP #REPRESENT REPRESENT×¹³¾½¼³³³³∴⇒π∏Π∩∩∩∩µ∩∩∩∩

Create new content by taking some of your best old content and repackaging it into an ebook ( or, webinar, newsletter, podcast, video, infographic , or email series. So what is old becomes new again!  For example, if you haven’t read Partners in Pathways or Wheezing the Juice, don’t miss out on the hidden LYNX we publish. #2ndPARTY #LLCompliments #Collaboration #RE♻️ #RE♻️TARGET #FIVEart×


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WHAT’s NYEXT? – is [under]development, collabs welcome.

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