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Assumptively – Loading/Leaded Questions:

I met a legal professional we will call Redacted who was literally “wired” completely differently than myself.  Redacted has 15+ years in electrical engineering followed by over a decade of IP Patent Prosecution Attorney work, while your boy is just a “wiry,” passionate, pitch man matching legal professionals.  A medium sized firm client that we will call OK firm is the original client that I recruited Redacted towards, but we like to hedge with our versatile resources. Deals don’t die, unless talent acquisition sometimes beats us with their lesser quality lawyers with this mid size firm that I believe in still but they will learn.  We also sometimes get beat by other strong headhunters or agencies that have stronger tiered relationships or recruiting bandwidth and there is lots of lateral openings so competition is on both sides.

Redacted got the call back instead from a Philly #BigLaw firm we will call DM and started to get real excited and open up to me about life, sports, and seemed ready to attack the opportunity, which we felt together. We may circle back on the pressure your boy will instill back on OK through the callback(s) later. I knew I couldn’t help Redacted in the shop talk, nor would want to, but could assist in the outlining, uncovering and sales-centric closing pieces. Since the interview was a 1-on-1, the narrative, and leveraging is simpler to control. When I asked Redacted how he leaves interviews he did a decent job (more senior & sincere) of role playing the next step question. BUT the coaching and development comes from tweaking that open ended part so you don’t get stiff armed stalled. Why leave it up to them when you have a main lynchpin 1-on-1 in front of you, especially in big law where we are developing new tactics called “Bully-Ball-Back.” – Big Brands.  We learn & take from the best Legal Learned Concepts – LLC ~ regarding posturing.

From a coaching standpoint, I like to teach the 2 paths assumptive choices to close. Propose times that work for you, propose mornings vs. afternoons, or upcoming weeks, just don’t go too far out as TIME is the killer of all deals. In an interview, there is a level of flirtation that generated the call back. so the LEVERAGE of the legal professional needs to outline and consolidate  the spectrum of choices & timeline. The lateral space in my opinion should not be elongated to shop talent as once the right match is made, the opening goes away.  I will prep candidates on best/worst case scenarios from other case studies as well as what we know about a client’s active pipeline.

If we build on the flirting analogy earlier, we can understand that assumptive closing can be used to essentially get whatever you want in life, especially if there are signals of interest from that other side.  Can you see how saying, I’ll be around next weekend, would Saturday work or would you prefer Sunday good close on a date. Same situation, would you prefer Italian or Mexican, mornings or afternoons, etc.  Control the narrative, control the speaker and control the timeline so you don’t get big law bullied. They all hope for that miracle internal referral or indeed budget to save a buck.

I want the world to know that at this juncture some of my favorite talent is leverage based on relationship-based trust.  I am still learning from my old boss, Ryan.  He provided some helpful legal leverage advice I have seen to date and will be sharing to all.  Interestingly, I am noticing to build on the lesson with and through Redacted’s recruitment(s) as he is also teaching me about a similar lesson and making me so proud you have no idea.  Redacted is moving through the process like a PRO because he is asking the right questions throughout and  qualifying the fit organically via leverage.    Each time that I forward his questions/feedback to my influencer contact and heartbeat of DM, it feels like the team wants Redacted more.  Leverage is at it’s fricking PEAK, when they want and trust you in any aspect of life.  If you are a subject matter expert in your field, please know that the first call initiated by a new potential networking professional is crucial to extracting both motivations, triggers, and aligned hearts to achieve both sets of goals symbiotically..  

Personally, I have seen a few heartbreaking amount of my own deals go negative and while the greedier aspects hurt, the candidate’s left behind have challenged me some.  “Confidential Candidates” need to balance the long game because we will hedge the worthwhile introductions as “our talents” move the needle gracefully towards other opportunities.  However, all professionals need to keep all roads copacetic in life because everyone is going through something else in their balance.  Personally, both my parents are having health scares right now and that is what matters most.  I will adjust my blogs, reviews, temperament, equilibrium, strategy, and INfluencer relationships next week.

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