Misdirection or Legal Posture – Defined

Misdirection or Legal Posture – Defined

Are their major differences between a “misdirection” or a “posture” in legal maneuvering?

I think a misdirection is an option or type of legal posturing. I had a very respectable defamation attorney discuss the concept recently so maybe a definition is the right way to start. Misdirection is a type of posture that diverts attention and Oxford ads to the wrong area. This implies some form of ulterior motive, agenda or at best negative connotation. Stall tactics or even other networking or altruistic measures can qualify in my opinion. 

My vantage point changed after starting the agency and working alongside the people I met before and through the way. My position is in the middle of legal professionals negotiating their name, image, and likeness is unique in that legal professionals like to represent others while taking the reigns. However, the best are typically working a heck of a lot of hours and don’t love dealing with applications and/or portals. Also there is no monopolizing the market on my end so they can tell me as much as needed, while applying directly or other recruited opportunities.

Earning attorney’s trust is different than getting their automobile or life insurance. You have to represent both substance and integrity to multiple layers of legal professionals making important decisions. When I am not working for my family, my nuclear mostly female family is what I balance in my own work/life and I see stress. The closer you are to both parties, the better clarity you can attempt in the process when analyzing exciting new starts vs fearful transitions for some. Sometimes a second deal if better made sequentially elsewhere if resistance or trust is too damaged. Timing will typically work both ways and sometimes a few weeks apart are good.

Hedging in business is crucial with other networking and relationships.

Bonus Tip – The best legal professionals that I work with utilize this posture tactic. The best people, do not want to lie to anybody. Consequently, they will help me or others attain their goals if I am not their top option. I do get worried about the silence but read receipts or disconnects which are pain vs coerced in my assessment. Lastly, a misdirection can be very damaging and hurtful if it puts 1 or 2 people’s agendas over many hearts from an integrity or timing purpose. Competition is one thing but from a democratic standpoint you sometimes want to lean on utilitarian principals to not be selfish at times.

A MisdirectionWex

Influencing others to divert the mind,

Clear to close just know the real kind,

Behaviors read, even when they grind,

Karma works in truth, very hard to find.

Serving up an interesting misdirection,

Is that energy real, might be deflection,

Seen and felt all types even projection,

Appreciate the anticipation & detection.

Getting back to that discussion at hand,

In this situation we all try to understand,

In house competition with another brand,

Consulting, counselors here in lateral land.

Nothing wrong sticking out in a great place,

One word answers, no responses to our case,

It’s just about you and a timeline at your pace,

Understand holding firm when some embrace.

Not all matches come with strong connections,

Great integrity is what brings us our directions,

Worth while work, leads to growth & corrections,

Long game first, makes it work for new elections.