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Brands are built on ideas, integrity, hard work and relationships. Deals outside your control can go bad due to timing or other factors. It is important to know when to cut, when to attack, and also when to pivot. If your heart says with evidence you should keep attacking the bigger picture, be assertive. If you are compromising other efforts or own integrity, pivots are healthy too. While I have under 5 years of recruiting, I have over 15 years of sales/marketing and B2B to leverage. Business to Business involves people and their typical patterns. Your connections and the people you impact, touch, help, and promote their name, image and likeness can be your best advocates in your long game goals. I am going to do more support and shift while discussing the positives and pivots of LLC


Legal Link Confidential (LLC) branding is solid to start. I always recommend freelance Fiverr shopping by level 2 sellers. The name, although maybe a few letters longer, is fresh. I have big name lawyers at big name firms saying Legal Link and have been complimentary on that name recognition What I like about it other than acronym is that Legal and Link are cornerstones for the agency and the best candidates who are typically Confidentially exploring.

                            Alternative Branding Concepts  – on BalanceKeep ~ LLC ~ IteratioN

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