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In both legal and life posturing patterns and stall tactics are visible even without words.   There are many patterns that people exhibit when trying to get their point across or hold.  Some legal professionals on both sides I work with are trained to go for the jugular in negotiating with or for their clients sake.  Few legal professionals take a laissez faire approach towards leaving money on the table.  I know this because they do not typically leave the firms I borrow them from in December.  Don’t leave money on the table is too simple to be a lesson.  Legal posturers are very easy to call out if they are off balance to begin with in their life.  In very unprofessional terms, recruiting agencies can start by having a frienemy relationship, think neutral on balance, vendor status in firm staffing.  Additionally, we don’t ask for exclusives with candidates nor expect them to avoid other opportunities, whether direct or represented by another recruiter.


Attorneys and Firms posture daily for their asks and they can be rather assertive, smart or evasive as anyone.  I throw some off balance if the market is one of our smaller ones, where you just hear things about specific firms, cultures, movement and obvious poaching patterns or 5 year plans.  Recruiters have influence to shop and drop a toxic culture, but should be more aligned to heal than to steal from the firms that they’ve done business before.

While postured in the middle, the toughest energy to take in is the clear projection/deflection or blatant misdirection.  These are not healthy in negotiating versus transparency.  I encourage my candidates to get multiple offers and leverage from email call backs, over limiting their communication because I read that too and can’t always squeeze my client if so coy.  We want multiple offers to go after what our candidate wants most even if we aren’t the ultimate landing spot.  We partner to supply additional opportunities and data to make side by side -on balance comparisons.  Leverage our client’s call backs because there is clout and less of the wonderful JD’s, LLMs, and professionals doing the work.  We all have blended bill rates for our time and talent + trust is also leverage in life. (lil)


Leveraging Other’s Lyrics (LOL) is not the best strategy, when anticipating over someone you respect.  This pattern could surface as a of projecting pain pattern easiest noticed when someone breaches trust or respect in a deep seeded relationship.  It can throw even the top respected International Stars completely off balance to all other aspects and cLues of bigger problems.  The squirrlier paths that I notice happen subsequently after a huge trust bridge or confidential trust is breached.  Sometimes avoidance is best and judging how to help can be difficult in these cases especially in legal matters.  

For lesson purposes I teach to watch out for “overL(e)Veragers”

Posturing Patterns in People – Legal Perspective:

Most people including legal professionals hate lying and avoid it to prevent something called cognitive dissonance.  Legal professionals are just overworked smart people with jacked up work/life balances from the jump.  Consequently, analyzing their patterns of behavior are easier than other industries.  I will be going very deep into the Talent Acquisition patterns that I face daily to slow/or no play a hire.  However, when groups of people are pitched with integrity and named attorneys, anything can change, if the long game is analyzed.  Consequently, we will look at patterns of 1 word responses, as well as no word responses in the digital age we are in of read receipts.  Pattern recognition is super important for judging prioritization and more anticipation.  Get what you want out of the world with most of my sales centric teaching lessons.  

Next Lesson – Analyzing Behavioral cLues


Learning a Lot about the Legal Big branded AmLaw 100 & 200 tactics and to represent the best you got to be ready to anticipate daily patterns and sequences. The good news is there are only so many and I believe I’ve seen them all.  Essentially, even having an Attorney still in the seat as an advocate won’t always work if there is a pairing of a new internal recruiter.  Often, represented candidates are compared to more organic pulls or cheaper ad campaigns,  essentially.  Working together on communication and leverage are the answers if the matches are upper echelon warranting the costs, on balance.  If we have been talking at length, than that is a gREAT sign the attorney is a 90%+ match because I’ll be 40 next year and my debate friends are years into Partnership at some of these big brand.  There are stalls/screen/slow plays/delays/ and down right deception.  Talent acquisition  will use that clout to box us out some but the best eventually realize the work doesn’t bill itself and people deal in the real.  Through communication the cream does rise and IRON sharpens IRON in talent.

Local Legal Lessons – 3Ls are coming up now – This will be a Hyperlink Shortly after I deal with [email protected] w/_other JD9SÞ

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