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“For any selecting or selective attorneys”

Partners in PATHWAYS in Practice

   WeX–  Legal  Recruiter   LLC

Look at their bios and websites

Option both your precious times

Value relationships with people

Each carry patterns and rhymes


Teach each other -on balance-

Hold integrity where you must

Ask together tough questions

Try and keep, not breach trust


Protect interests with passions

Open those eyes to their affairs

Enjoy both friends and families

Make sure to focus in on cares


When interviewing great lawyers

Have all heart beats well aligned

Everybody is dealing with plenty

No one’s above their daily grind


Talk to some of the Top Attorneys

Hear Wills, Trust and Antitrust too

Even alongside Talent Acquisition

Your coordinators remember you


Enjoy learning legal professionals

All won’t turn into the quick recruit

Care more about this brand name

Humility, demands or a grand suit


Load those questions sequentially

End with the biggest need in mind

Access to time is clearly precious

Dig for the fierce but the real kind


Watch overbooked and overstated

 If they refer you, it’s a strong sign

Time is everybody’s main leverage

Hope to gain the best access line


Look carefully at complete agendas

Each possess similar stress or pain

View people with deal work together

Epic conflicts aren’t always the drain

Relish relationship-based counseling

Always privilege within a legal space

Grow organically to assist the clients

Even balance said practice, just case


Forget not to project your own anger 

Recall you’re here to move and bend

Open up fear when we’re all together

Moving past pain you grow to amend


anage expectations and guide them

Of course anyone can have that break

Rely on another mother’s life’s lessons

Equal as brothers or sisters with stake


Respect but detect slight misdirection

Even genetic sequences we can’t lose

All may fall, to rebound much stronger

Learn to fight for what’s right or amuse


Twist the negative to posture positives

Reputation needs more than a feeling

Under the clout Partners our suffering

Energy is doubt if all alone appealing


Time can revisit that past firm flame

 Influencing pathways or crazy lives

Might well discern, some shall return

Ending back with husbands or wives


Towards those we look up the most

Often the elite that we will embellish

Goes to the core and more our egos

Especially true friends we all cherish

To mixing up some different matches

Help by representing all those talents

Everybody’s new and old connections

Really need work life right on balance 


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