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1X1Rent FREE CRE & Dontae G. re: [in]spireR1X1

updated blog on 4/4/21 due to new events: $GOOG[le] #Yahoo #B[in]G 

Watched a great TED talk series with Shawn Achor. I think the proper term is an oldie but an goodie. 010MKT[in]101:-s[XX]y & [X]s sell YOU [re][a]Il© estate which isn’t roman nor numerical in principle to optimize online.  1X1 signals a Trust clicks  https://www.ted.com/talks/shawn_achor_the_happy_secret_to_better_work?referrer=playlist-the_10_most_popular_tedx_talks #Xs3sX #CWT #rX2Xr $HEMP $LLC

I have been living in North Carolina for 35 years, most of which has been in the banking & finance powerhouse of Charlotte. Washington DC or the entire DMV area is my other main market that I’ve been developing through my investments of connections, time and deal work. Their are transactional elements of my services of moving PEOPLE as that is the true commodity I offer and interview hard. While not a lawyer, I represent PEOPLE to mostly firms with revolving needs. Consequently, I pride myself on my interview skills because my neck is on the line even after my deal(s) as I am also about the long game with my clients.

I try to not overstate, so I am also a pretty short dude, average height for a female. But life is about humility and turning negatives into positives, which is part of SALES, which LLC champions. Humility + Humanity is the right perspective because when you combine your connections and clout in the market with influence and passion the law of attraction takes over. These forces are wrapped around strong, social, family, and professional bonds even if they don’t have the longest trajectories can be amazing. important to grow quickly and LinkedIn is a powerful place to start to build these.

As a professional interviewer and recruiter I try to get at the heart of my commodities of PEOPLE, not lawyers. I value the relationships of legal assistants that trust me through my reputation in the market and they can both support and influence powerful people. I have not been recruiting for over 5 years at this point. Nevertheless, I am getting much stronger in both my interviewing and reading of behaviors. Since I was very young (under 5) my mom would always mention that about me, which is interesting. Understanding patterns and behaviors helps for interviewing and for being one step ahead of your own agenda. Fail to plan, then plan to fail. #Posture

I have been carefully studying one particular TA influencer at [OK] firm who I have been building a case around, not against. I have been extremely impressed with certain pieces while questioning some behaviors because the TRUST is not there yet, but will be next week as I can feel it due to (lil) including my family. I have been noticing a stronger and quicker response from this influencer who helped generate our agreement in place, which I respect. LinkedIN has a built in read receipt function. I have been noticing a much quicker response rate as my talents have been building up towards and festering in this person’s inboxes. What is interesting is that I feel great about the TRUST and (lil) I have on the other sides of the deals, which are my people at this juncture. I will utilize the fact that my commodities also can help close the deals if coached to attack something they want. We all should attack what we want assertively, which is why I coach and teach sales regularly here.

I want a TRUST triangle (recruiter joke) in said firm with TA, but who knows. I have a 4:00 PM scheduled meeting with this influencer and what is interesting is that our relationship and first deal together may build around a TRUST & estate commodity in the Carolinas. Sometimes in firms where there is heavy HR / Staffing posturing $ moves I will throw out a few names in TA with “trust triangle” just to watch reactions, especially when I’ve barely worked with the others.

Charlotte is strong in levfin and with (lil) you can double dip leveraging people in or out. However, you always should look to work deal work together and symbiotically grow your influencer contacts. The last thing you want is an adversarial relationships especially with FIRMS you’ve placed lawyers as those are your real advocates to leverage. On a side note, there is an old firm in my city that I really respect enough to work an agreement I don’t believe in structurally. However, my advocates on the inside give me (lil) to really grow that as they combine both a lawyer placement with a recruiting influencer friend.