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§ueRe:   Cathartic – re:  Defined – According to Cambridge Dictionary, it involves the release of strong emotions through a particular activity or experience. Think – STRONG emotions not necessarily bad or good.  The follow through actions will guide that part along with YOUR social & familial circles.

Communities and Associates are often times very tight intertwined networks.  The boards created are given amounts of both power and influence as a trade off for their efforts as there is typically no monetary reward.  In HOA communities, the real estate and the family unit can be blended well or with any groups of neighbors, friends or families, disputes happen given the amount of time together.

Law Categories – HOA law Mediation,  Dispute Resolution, Construction Law, Real Estate Law, 

Topics – Eviction moratorium, rent free real estate (residential and commercial)

Law Firms – Thurman Wilson Boutwell & GalvinOffit Kurman Thomas Schild Law Group

Life/Work question – re: Can apologies be cathartic? #Work/Life

Jack of All Trades, Master of None.  OK firm is a midsized firm that was postured to break into the AmLaw rankings due to internal M&A being done during the pandemic, which was rare.  Nevertheless, it does make sense since there are some concentration or practice groups like Divorce & Bankruptcy that spike during uncertain times.  OK firm is an open case study and may come around -rear view-

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Businesses: RingCentral, and LocalSearchX and RKT stock Quicken, and Gamestop stock, #hyperlocal, #localBARS, #5Stars #metro #statewideBARexam #National #[in]ternational #fluence

Local Search is a multi Billion dollar industry and I might be understating because it’s not a fad. In fact it goes back to before the .COM boom of the early 2000’s.


Charlotte, NC and/or Denver, CO: FEATURE HyperLocal & RINGcentral Hyper LocaLLC

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