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#1G00G-Sharehold/r -refollow/RE-Fresh & Clean G-(ll©)-(ll©)-g@LLC

What is Blockchain? What are NFTs? What is BloGchain? GOOG YAHOO .

Yahoo 3/23/2021 updated – 141 Wally Street #141 New York, NY ©

Sold a few personal shares to pave room to become an Alphabetic stock holder. Appreciative my father is staying with the family and my community is getting new Tennis(10is)Courts. I’m now getting into regular coffee for the first time starting tomorrow. I like espresso especially my pro friend Mello not to be confused with the other ©harlotte Melo who is down according to the NY TIMEs but not out. 1 thing that’s not down is his instragram [re] followers. Caffeine-wise I’ve tried 5 hour and enjoy energy drinks but also change it up too. Kind of late on this coffee thing but that’s me sometimes re mixing and re matching out of sequence re ad timing and liked my wife’s blend#Em she delivered my way. Only the GRE@TesTLLCounsellcounseLLConsulTeacHearTeacHearTeacHearTeaPot

Hats off and rest in peace big Elgin Baylor who passed today. He averaged 38 points in the early Sixties which is ridiculous by any decade’s standards. Nice win for Coach Borrego over his old coaching staff including Becky Hammond on Women’s Month. Hornets 100, Spurs 93 #NBA #ESPN #TREE

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Brand Awareness: Whois FROST HEB XIN and HEMP Inc (c)ir©leS

(G) re @wesome day today as clarity was shown for a lot of great people in my professional and family circle. Re connected with my elder-s-is-T@ll©

(1) Al Gore rhythm – formula or wisdom – ConsulT ((in)) Circle(S)itingo@I1in141

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