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#WORK- Legal Influential Females Empowered.

Full transparency LLC is a women owned agency now but growing.  Owned by my wife Emily Wexler (double entendre) with special Director Kara Azarva helping with the LAUNCH.

In past blogs and years I’ve more watched in awe, or from a distance at some of the top female attorneys. While my space is in the middle of many attorneys and legal professionals, I don’t know close to 1/5th of the managing partners or practice group partners with even some of my favorite clients. In the first year, you want to expand your reach of influence with your book of relationships.  Fortunately, I have had the pleasure to be around some of the best professional females for over decades so the greats stand ones tend to stand out.  Additionally, in leadership the Mansfield initiative now on it’s 4.0 launch has been progressive in hiring quantitative measures so as a marketing trend it is prevalent in big law or AmLaw 200 firm heavy.   

With anyone male or female, you need to consistently make new positive connections that can be symbiotic as launch points or practice growth & development.  Don’t under develop, don’t over leverage

Hustle has it’s limitations which will bring me back to my balance area blog on development hence the under construction for myself to grow relations and ideas.

There are a handful of female practicing attorneys that I have admired their work or reputation in the legal community. There are so many great ones but at a leadership level and working relationship wise, I can count them on one hand. This will grow along with organic traffic and sweat equity of what a 1st year should look like in a passion play LLC – Think thousands of hopeful billable hours for us.

Our 1st featured female managing [in]fluencer ….