Recognize Timelines, Patterns, Sequences & Delays

This weekend is reserved for the family and friends 2/6 & 2/7. LLC is not conducting interviews for the first time in months. If there are any candidates or firms that are interested in working or consulting on lateral needs, please send all emails to our newest consultant & coordinator:  Brand Bully Ball Back Next week is a busy one with bonuses typically going out around this time. Your confidential contact is of utmost important to our team.

Next concepts are about valuing all business/friend relationships along with work/life family balance:

From an agency recruiting standpoint, we view “Proof of Concept” as prior deal work.  Advocates can be in place, if they are happy with the move and their own practice growth through the agency’s guidance.

Next Poems & Lessons:

a) 3L’s Coming up

b) Corrected by CHRedacted with JDs and/or friends

c) PAL – Poetry About Life (not Poetry about Legal)