You are currently viewing Case Studies of 2 firms’ legal influencer advocates​?‍⚖️​?​

Case Studies of 2 firms’ legal influencer advocates​?‍⚖️​?​

When I talk to all levels of legal talent, I always hold way more value in the ones I have JD leverage much more than proof of concept having advocates. I know firm cultures involve working hard play hard elements but when they talk about your work family and you combine billable hour demands its a lot of time together. This area is what I need to avoid most in my life and build bridges of trust, communication, and balance with time respect.  If the others on either side have better options for them a deal can easily fall through.  I have 2 firms one is medium sized and one is National/International where I supplied multiple layers of staffing.  The communication has been horrific from the firm’s end mostly including  behavioral tells of slow play / no play / or repression.  We will closely monitor these since there are lawyers that have been placed in the past.  The economy is still not what it was in 2019 but