Patterns [in] PathWAYS IN Practice

Patterns in PATHWAYS in Practice    -WeX-  Legal  Recruiter   LLC Look at their bios and websites Option both your precious times Value relationships with people Each carry patterns and rhymes  …

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I want you to know…..

Most of my posts are designed as case study or anecdotal stories with lessons to reuse with real talent, meaning legal professionals who could potentially find a new place of…

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Assumptively – Loading/Leaded Questions:
An image of a nice clock with time for questions

Assumptively – Loading/Leaded Questions:

I met a legal professional we will call Redacted who was literally "wired" completely differently than myself.  Redacted has 15+ years in electrical engineering followed by over a decade of…

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Moving the Needle Gracefully – SALES & CLOSING

My absolute favorite parts of my profession are the development aspects alongside amazing attorneys. Lateraling legal professionals allows coaching throughout the process but at its peak during the interview preparation…

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Lateraling through Covid

Probably the question that I get the most from Attorneys is, "how is the market?"  Well it is picking up some, and my prior blog posts outline the uptick with…

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