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Chicago Tribune Feed: Associated Press YOUR Luck

under construction Chi Town = Pressure Look

University of Illinois (L[in]k) upset by Cinderella Loyola of Chicago. See Sister Jean 

YOU re focus re balance SPORTS, FAMILY- re late or reveal 101G[re]@Tness101 

People like to take relations with religion out of the picture so with that I will just say revelations in work/life can be powerful in a PC professional world: #1luv<3 #goodPeople.  After 6 or After VI (tribute to Robert Weil), 1 can gain a lot from children as they can bless us with pearls of honest wisdom more than just reflective qualities.  I am now working on balance & [email protected] for my daughter and all.  She crystalized to me how I project my stress which is consistent to feedback I have received from my favorites. Brilliance, so my work is in progress and there are good influences and times ahead.  

My buddy Jim has taught that manic energy isn’t good and can also scare people into sensing panic when it’s isolated or blended in representation. #harness  Atone is different and something many can work on as I’ve been testing the AAAs in the morning.  Appreciation, Anniversaries & Apologies re layer re state re view.  I think if you combine improvement in all the AAAs with a little tipping of the cap to the B i G u Y, it helps in both energy and collaboration for the oscillations in life.  In personal news and belief systems a year ago today I broke a specific annual  fast I have always kept and take both responsibility and blame for the ensuing Pandemic.  Guilty, but I will 100% re adjust and keep solid for the collective.

As a follow up to the end of month reveal teased on 03/04/21 STARTUPS FFWD, we are getting into these areas of the LLC teasing more since today’s date is 32121.  Areas = MJ, Learning outside of Law, Pandemic [in]fluence, Hemp Law + FEATURE on HEMP INC. Bonus Features on Women PAST March.  My family is into education so we’ve been seeing a lot of LLC iteration in Learning Linking Co. with dozens of other word plays.  Been noticing a lot of sequels to children’s classic books that we grew up with and it inspired me to write about The Hungry FatterPillar who didn’t {P}ass(O)ver the buffet.