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ABC’s – Agents Better Consult | Always Be Compelling | Analyzing Behavioral Clues

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Opening up an agency in Covid, I knew that LLC had to leverage it’s sales roots. Always be closing while beautiful is a little outdated in the digital & consultative era. The long game comes from consultation and anticipation in the market. If your talent’s are supreme and both mind and heart are aligned, more positive outcomes are coming your way.  There are 2 older sales quotes that I always liked due to the simplistic pictures they paint. “A closed mouth, does not get fed,” Speak up towards passion. The sports one of “You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.” Classic, eloquent, beautiful – there is an art in brevity, and these win, for me.

Analyzing digital clues in business networking is fun. Next let’s apply this with your new, old, distressed or partial connections online. You can understand other’s motivations and influence in your life through digital tracking and this allows you to leverage each together, or give a connection some time if you can’t help them in the long game. 2 of the most powerfully encrypted business networking solutions Linkedin and What’sApp have built in read receipts while there is a pattern of sent vs delivered that people will adjust if they put a lower priority on your connection.

A disconnection can be coerced I have found in my case studies. A block can be switched but those people typically have some underlying fear in their own work/balance that consultatively may need a different sequence of participants to reach a positive outcome. I don’t won’t to talk too much about 1 word or 0 word responses because they can range from personal pain way outside anyone’s comfort zone up through fear that your read is dead on. If someone is exhibiting that behavior they respect you but you may have overstated your correct read.

0 word responders who read your message may just not want to hurt your feelings and are being out leveraged in life versus seeing you as a negative influence with bad intentions. Sometimes you have to back off and let time, their agenda, or the universe play it’s course of karma. This is what I have learned, talking to the best legal posturers in the country. They do not want to lie and will quickly set others as buffers to their rightful or wrongful agendas in working with others. Projection and deflection will showcase so it is imperative not to take it personal as again consult from the long game.

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