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¹ IIntroducing Sharpesszed1ß IV QUEENS HARLEM ROYc th5’9Ð BALANCED-V-DCLAWASHINGTON2 CAR∀LAW//r  deRPanthers news: Ron Rivera reacts to Luke Kuechly retiring from the NFL


Rookie linebacker Ron Rivera, who was drafted in the second round by the Bears, reports for work. Φ/597/f


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Costarring Legal Link 2LUIGI

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CITATIONS & UPcoming Features I had the privilege of playing next to HOF #MikeSingletary & coaching HOF @BUrlacher54 & @LukeKuechly is worthy of that honor someday. But more important I will remember Luke’s sense of humor, his leadership & 4 being a great teammate.

— Ron Rivera (@RiverboatRonHC) January 15, 2020



[ muhshooguh-nuh ]

noun Slang.

a crazy person.

Also me·shug·ga·na, me·shug·ge·ner  [muhshooguh-ner].


SEE Geoff Wexler clic<


1880–85; meshugener, equivalent to meshugameshuga + epenthetic n + -er-er1




What does meshugana mean?

Meshugana is Yiddish slang for a person who acts in a crazy or nonsensical way. It can also be used as an adjective to describe such a person, or as a noun meaning nonsense.

Yiddish is a dialect of German based on Hebrew. Some of its words have been borrowed into English as slang terms.

Meshugana is typically used as an insult in a way that is intended to be funny, even if the insult is serious. Meshugana is also spelled meshuggana and meshuggener.

Example: That meshugana almost ran me off the road!

Where does meshugana come from?

The first recorded uses of meshugana come from the 1880s. The word comes from the Yiddish term meshugener, which is based on the adjective meshuga, meaning “crazy” or “nonsensical.”

If used properly according to its Yiddish origin, meshugana should refer to a person, as in That meshugana just asked if I’d like to buy one shoe. However, in common usage, it’s also often used as an adjective, as in He’s meshugana if he thinks that pickles come from bananas. Less commonly, it refers to nonsense, as in Does he expect us to believe that meshugana?

Yiddish is spoken by Jewish people in eastern and central Europe. Jewish immigrants brought it to the United States and other English-speaking countries, and some of its unique terms have entered English unchanged. Words like meshugana are often used for humorous effect, especially since they have a unique sound that is much different than most English words.

Did you know … ? About the Mustche’ Ryderz in HISTORYX

What are some other forms of meshugana?

  • meshuggana (alternate spelling)
  • meshuggener (alternate spelling)
  • meshuga (adjective)

What are some synonyms for meshugana? Analyzing the studying mustache’ in total war2

  • crackpot / ²H#IC alt Head Hebrew in [re]CHARGE/r.rr

What are some words that share a root or word element with meshugana?

What are some words that often get used in discussing meshugana?



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Akeem thx Weebly<COMOne Man Gang - Akeem - My Wrestling Autograph Collection


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Sources: Matthew P. Pase, Jayandra J. Himali, Paul F. Jacques, et al: “Sugary beverage intake and pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease in the community.” Alzheimer’s and Dementia, April 2017.  Matthew P. Pase, et al: “Sugar and artificially sweetened beverages and the risks of incident stroke and dementia: a prospective cohort study.” Stroke, April 20, 2017.


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INterview!¡! CB’sÎ) – “Call Backs-Are especially exciting when prestigious employers want to carve out unbillable time to explore a potential fit. In fact, within big law, the 2nd round is typically a team round that can look like an 8 meets 1 for our candidates. [LLC] and network understand the best candidates typically are employed with multilayer commitments to the job in hand. The leverage shift of a call back is the fulcrum of our process framework within a 3-party-system in professional recruitment. With Confidential representation, the exploratory process will inevitably grow in terms of fluence, flow, and factors if a physical offer is to be structured for the candidate to consider:

[XsX]-RedTEDLLC #Talks – Updated 
blogg/re:spectator[s]- 2-Follow[XsX]

×[WE]×||/r, which includes [LLC], just made our first substantive purchase after the acquisition of  Announcement: Initial C/p/artnership & offering |N|jEWS with a 15 year+ company that >×[WE]×> are excited will turn into more than a vendor relationship moving forward:  WHOIs:))) [?¿? @ ?¿?]  For the last 15 years, I have been in the sales-centric space, primarily (B2B) consultative relationships, which stands for business-to-business. Like industries, practice groups have terminology & trend variance so we study more behavioral patterns and leading platforms w/ audience targeting.  A common developmental denominator is def.  LEAD[re]GENeration which can be at the heart of sales/marketing if it were a thematic recipe.  In professional sales, you have to walk the GREY gracefully to not appear transparently self-interested or called the P word G_ d forbid.  –Balance– is also tough as assertiveness is needed because this P word is 5 letters and also ends with a Y.  Nobody wants to go against another’s free will & be called PuS_Y……..”Pushy” MOFOs and other Alphas are everywhere, not just AMLAW 50 firms where they’re compensated to go for the jugular, for our clients of course. #420 #WE.ed[u] #420

At LLC we  Always want to Balance the C[: :]Confidential w/ Collaboration.  Consequently, we’ll be PREreleasing our TOP 10 [in]teresting, [in]ternational Legal Blogs with[in] this [re]updated article:  We haven’t subscribed to most of these yet but chose premium practice groups and subtopics. We selected or chose from a top 750 highest TRAFFIC SITES within legal.  Where did we even get the data? is this related to to a dedicated search or related to the mystery #Ganja #Blackgold #Googold?

[XsX][TOP 10^Whois#1^10 TOP 10-[LLC]-LEGAL-^Updated^bLOGs10[XsX] 

1^TechnoLlama blog covers several Cyberlaw topics, with emphasis on open licensing, digital rights, software protection, virtual worlds, and llamas. While the blog tackles these issues in a light-hearted and nonchalant manner, some serious points filter through from time to time. The author, Dr Andres Guadamuz is a Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Sussex.

2t] R-A-INMAKERS The Rainmaker Blog provides law firm marketing and business development strategies. It is published by The Rainmaker Institute. Stephen Fairley is the CEO of The Rainmaker Institute and every practice can work on collaboratively promoting NAME, IMAGE & LIKENESS w/ sales.

3re]LAYER§:The Fashion Law is one of the leading authoritative sources dedicated to the field of fashion. It is a source of objective fashion law and business analysis, and serves as a community for lawyers, business executives, fashion industry insiders, designers, and students, alike. Julie Zerbo is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Fashion Law. #HeY§Y

4.20] The Canna Law Blog is a forum for discussing the practical aspects of cannabis law and how it impacts those involved in this growing industry. It will provide insight into how canna businesspeople can use the law to their advantage. #$M4M #4MORE #CANN $HEMP #HEAL #GROW’n⇑

5] Foley HAG‘s FH’s Trademark Copyright & Unfair Competition practice group covers the full spectrum of trademark matters. Advice on the availability of marks and names, preparing and prosecuting domestic and foreign applications for marks, monitor and maintain thousands of registrations worldwide.

6] Supreme Court Blog – – Whether you are a lawyer, law student, or just interested in the U.S. Supreme Court, SCOTUS blog, now in its tenth year, provides comprehensive coverage of the Court and its cases. The blog is written by lawyers, students, and journalists devoted to coverage of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)

7] Pat[en]tly-O is the America’s leading patent law blog.

8] Beyond Bill@bles helps lawyers find freedom and fulfilment by building a global community for like-minded lawyers: #Balance #Life/Work #Balance

9] eLAWVATION^ Tools and news for lawyers, attorneys. Wellness and wellbeing news. Work-life balance secrets. Lawyer’s life. Fashion for lawyers.  update [#1on  4/8/21 ®ecaliberate: 4/8/21

10] TBD<via> <vote:<email<<via>>Quick on Text or [L[in]K]_2, eCOMment<vote: re:OPTION(s) below

[XsX][TOP 10 TOP 10 TOP 10] [LLC]LEGAL-^Updated^ BLOG[XsX

STORY WHOIS:))) –Are they an Amazon [in] LeadGEN???

WE were talking about sales I believe, before IMPART[in]G’ some [KM]anagement for our growing audience and reader-S-ALES, is what [we] were discussing.   [PUSHY] doesn’t bite, been called a heck of lot worse, in fact my favorite is giving that extra bit of umph we call “a nudge”.  In fact, I first was called that from my northern, now realtor friend Maureen and it sounds appropriately Yiddish with gent[]le in both connotation and language.  Who you calling Nudge?  AT LLC we like to demo or taste before buying when appropriate.  Most SaaS companies as well as  digital marketing platforms that stand by their products offer demos.  I was pleasantly surprised when the CEO of greeted me upon INFO request.  Call it a hands on approach or more aptly synchrony [in]fluence 4 SALES/MKT success, but had the POTa’GOLD approach coupled with black box intrigue.  In the few minutes I had the pleasure to chat with Mr. , their CEO, I was blown away at their deliverables and cost per lead, a phrase you may hear on Shark Tank if you are like my family.  COST per LEAD in MJ/HEMP?  Confused YET, good. #4/2021

[XsX][NEXT-Tier-][GREAT10 TOP 10|LEGAL[XsX]-Tier-]{10 TOP 10|BLOGs[XsX]

Gravel2Gravel, a Pillsbury blog: brings you breaking news and analysis covering a wide range of business and legal issues affecting the construction industry. It is Published by Construction Law Attorneys Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP.

Beyond Billables helps lawyers find freedom and fulfilment by building a global community for like-minded lawyers: #Balance #Life/Work #Balance

LAWGATE an Online legal services startup. Global legal advice with the Lawgate blog. Get legal tips & tricks from lawyers all around the world. 

Sports and Entertainment Law Insider is your all-access pass to the latest legal developments impacting the business of sports and entertainment.

The Biederman Blog is an academic activity of law students at the Biederman Entertainment and Media Law Institute at Southwestern Law School. It posts about timely, intriguing developments in Entertainment and Media Law.

Mondaq is an intelligent syndication platform providing world class content and insight from professional services firms. Market leading technology intelligently positions the relevant content, from a network of leading domestic and international law and accountancy firms, in front of our users, when they need it.

LexForti Legal News and Journal offer access to a wide array of legal knowledge through the Daily Legal News segment of our Website. It provides the readers with latest case laws in layman terms. Our Legal Journal contains a vast assortment of resources that helps in understanding contemporary legal issues.

ONE400 is a law innovation agency focusing on cutting edge websites and integrated marketing solutions for law firms and legal tech startups:

The Blog for Business Law a blog about business, the law, and fun. The lawyers regularly post articles and alerts on emerging business, legal, judicial and regulatory developments in areas such as intellectual property, human resources, construction and real estate, environmental compliance, and the many, many considerations that arise when buying and selling businesses. 

Honorable Mentions:  update on pls, check back b4 | 2 | Our story: 1n🦇#KANYEAST×ñ #YEZYLE∃GLLAWÑ#0ℜ/Γre/r/ñ∫/rr³/sty| 2 FOLLOW/ ORDER# LAW#GOLD

We were getting hot on the trail as both the story and momentum were heating up.  In our 1on1 conversation with FeedsPOTs CEO Anuj Agarwal cut right to the business of integration, data, digital trafficking’s intelligence and most off all collaboration.  Despite being in business for over a decade, they have little to nothing to do with the Marijuana sector.  They are a digital data and lead provider, much like a zoominfo who recently went public or even in the space of Axiom or, [re]feeding businesses lead intel.  In fact, the blog sites that we are reading about are courtesy of data that was distributed through my short time with Anuj- enjoy growing YOUre: #practice #search #seek #balance #passion

Legal Reader seeks to provide the latest legal law news & commentary on the laws that shape our world. It is unapologetic in its devotion to protecting consumers and to exposing the many hypocrisies of the corporations that put those consumers at risk.

Legal Desire covers latest legal law news, supreme court, high court judgements, interviews, internships, career in law, law school events, law school notes etc.

Lawyer Issue has a highly targeted international readership and is a great tool for global professionals. Lawyer Issue aims to provide valued insight into the legal sector and shine a spotlight on many of the trending issues.

The Sheppard Mullin Labor & Employment Law Blog is designed to provide employers breaking news, insights & legal analysis on issues facing employers today. Sheppard Mullin is a full service Global 100 firm with 750 attorneys in 15 offices located in the United States, Europe and Asia.

FizzLaw is an attorney blog (blawg) platform that enables lawyers & legal professionals to publish legal content. Our lawyer guest blogging platform is incredibly easy to manage and intuitive, making it easy to publish a legal article on topics that are relevant to your practice.

Lawyers Tank Learn Complicated legal matters in Easy Format. Your one-stop solution for any legal cases. Their website really makes you think.

The Business of Law – 


Companies TWC/AOLApple, $GOOG[le] #Yahoo #B[in]G , Featuring: YeXT🙂 $FB #RV #FIVERR

Law Firms: K&L GatesMayer BrownDuane MorrisPerkins CoieWinston & StrawnArnold & Porter

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Managing firm Partners and Resources: Honorable Mention: Bloomberg Law Podcast (blog piece)

#Real #Elite #Talent #Acquisition INvestment #Linking #Litigation #Compliance #Transactional #Counselors #Rank [in]Network #Attorneys #Leading #Laterals #Confidentially #Exploring #Options #Fiercest #Intelligent #Collaborative #Learning #Legal #Clients #Managing #Partners #Referring #Practices #Recruit INteresting #Lyrical #Leaders #Charlotte #DC #NY #London INternational #Knowledge #Impact #National #Globally #Find #Interview #Represent #Match #LLC #Leverages #Cultural [in]fluence #Work #Life #Balance #Blog101 #010Blog #BlogLLC #LLC_p@Th{s}

1Up1nderesearched 1pU1 #AOL-HilariouS2-Ya-WHO?

Art Blography Credit: Jacob Walsh: 



abc Next article researching sugar & lobbyist w/ collabloggers@uthoritySites: Thanks-4-bing-an-at&tentive-audience Apple, $GOOG[le] #Yahoo #B[in]G , Featuring: YeXT

#Real #Elite #Talent #Acquisition INvestment #Linking #Litigation #Compliance #Transactional #Counselors #Rank [in]Network #Attorneys #Leading #Laterals #Confidentially #Exploring #Options #Fiercest #Intelligent #Collaborative #Learning #Legal #Clients #Managing #Partners #Referring #Practices #Recruit INteresting #Lyrical #Leaders #Charlotte #DC #NY #London INternational #Knowledge #Impact #National #Globally #Find #Interview #Represent #Match #LLC #Leverages #Cultural [in]fluence #Work #Life #Balance #Blog101 #010Blog #BlogLLC #LLC_p@Th{s}


KNOW that 2021 Will ß


“Whatever it is your ÐΟin” CLASSIC EQUALITY #ImmigrationLAW GO LinK PENN½

re”As Mac Miller Would Say…∫ƒGE)(exlerPR)



👑💬🎤 IV HARLEM NY ∀LL IIC Lamont Coleman (May 30, 1974 – February 15, 1999), known professionally as Big L, was an American rapper and songwriter.[1]

"Wet sh1t right out the Jar"

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