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                                                      ~  ~--.....--~`LegalLinkConfidential

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ETA\ PRACTICE Goin4W[in]MentoringTIPS¿🎯
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1CASESTUDWHCASΣ WHITE MJ23// Building a Wall // or Moving O

When LATERALING or soon after joining a Law Firm, interviewing Mentor(s) is helpful while often overlooked in the process.  Bonus TIP², This tactic let’s you qualify the firm, shifting leverage in the VETTING process when we arrange structured, confidential introduction talks.  Here is what to look for with:
Selecting/Selective Counsel: 

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#LΛV/ℜz #BBBβϖ


When Mentoring the tradeoff is [TIME] and you will be spending a lot of it with your mentor, you should choose someone who you feel compatible with. Is it easy to talk to this person? Do you feel comfortable asking questions and seeking feedback?  Are the approachable and have they guided others to reach their goals, which we will address more in “EXPERIENCE” and through the process.

//APRIL 17th is our 1st installment 4GOAT¿🐐||👻🇮🇱✨⌚#TIME#



If you aren’t able to interact freely with your mentor, you won’t be getting the full value of the experience so be interactive w/ 

Diversity & Mansfield: APPRECIATEu A\ /\/ARENESS WEEK¿🐐FU🐐K<><>💣 🧭 ⏳ #DIvLAW

You will likely benefit more from a mentor who encourages you to step out of your comfort zone to get a different perspective on your career. Don’t be afraid to be mentored by someone who is different than you in terms of age, experience, opinions, or gender.


Experience & Passion: #TRADEMARK #LAW3 CITATIONS #ARTLAW #LEGA# #!LAW1 #2U

Trademark Wall Art - Painting - Our Loving Vincent by Anna Kluza


You want a mentor with enough experience to guide you through the challenges you are facing. While straight years of experience matter, you’ll also benefit by working with someone who has been involved in similar situations or started from a similar point. Find someone who has navigated through their share of challenges, and has learned enough to pass on.  For my own growth and path, I wanted someone who was the epitome of Bravado, Energy, Hype, Competition without the Antitrust elements #LEGAL.  I am attracted to Charisma whether for the betterment of others or even self exposure if the message is positive.  Consequently, I see great honorable passion in Lavar Ball who also doesn’t have a JD, but demonstrative goals for his FAMILY.  And when it’s all said and done, the WORK/LIFE Dichotomy has to be on balance with FAM to be Gellin #G3 #NYEXT  #QC³³³³ Fiverr/5G


You will likely be sharing private information with your mentor, so trust is very important. Understand that it will take some time to build this trust even with the most highly-recommended mentor.

After a while, you will have established some ground rules, learned each other’s communication styles, and built a foundation from which to move forward.

Finding the right mentor Bdot bME≡LO w/NFT LEGAL #BETa

Start looking for the right mentor by considering:

Your professional association

One of the benefits of joining a professional organization is the opportunity it provides to find a mentor. In an association, you’re surrounded by people who are actively engaged in the industry. Fellow association members are likely to be proactive about learning and interested in contributing to the community of professionals.

Your colleagues

Some of the people you work with have probably worked with a mentor or know someone who has. Why not ask them for recommendations? Or ask an experienced member. Even if your firm doesn’t have a formal mentoring program, senior employees and colleagues you admire might still serve as your mentor if you’re willing to ask.

Your firm’s mentoring program

If your firm has a formal mentoring program, consider taking advantage of it. Mentors who participate in such programs usually have the skills, work habits, and personality traits that are valued at your particular office. So participating in such a program will give you a sense of the firm’s culture and values as well as a boost for whatever is next.

When choosing a mentor, you should look for someone who isn’t afraid to ask you the difficult questions, will challenge you to improve yourself and is prepared to give you honest feedback, positive or negative. This is the kind of mentor who is most likely to help you reach your goals and achieve legal career success.

As mentioned, your mentor can be outside of your practice group and can even be outside of the firm.  Having a vision board and passions aligned will guide you into selecting the right mentor(s).  That’s right, we recommend multiple mentors to collaborate and bring the best out of your practice potential.  @YOUrBusiness is your Practice:reCRAFT: Model Ford.b«z» STATE/ABîB∀LLrz⊕BRANDCASE STUDY#MKT$׳

BONUSYMBOL = the ETH Д + Ðe “bat” emoji = DEBATE

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Always Have Mentors#LIFE∞



Purr in the Mirror/ 2Practice 

#LEGAL #Lionshare & Lionsmain w/ others #PANTHERS #k<IN>gP|I|Nz_CATchmeifuCa||\/||eo\w/X//...//Dual //Athlete LAVAR was an NFL PANTHER -ip Winning DNA can also behaviorally be learned #LEGAL #CODE #Law360 #PRIV<https://...//next LEGAL CASE=the "Pink Slip/r" pass06/20/ Ball.lavar/ BBB/gdubz/groovnP[u]RR//PRESSURE//

 `6_ 6  )   `-.  (LLC  ).`-.__.`) 
 (_Y_.)'  _ g.wex/r)  `._ `. ``-..-' 
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      -@@@@@@@@@   LLC       /    \
 _______/    /_       ______/      |__________]
/_CHAMPS_____/  `-.___/,__#LEGALINK…______----------_)


Self-Affirmation Enhances-click Performance, Makes Us Receptive to OurΓ Mistakes 2 GROW/ AttacKING-<><>  ¬

Life is about failure as much as it is about success. From the mistakes we make at work or school to our blunders in romantic relationships, we are constantly reminded of how we could be better. By focusing on the important qualities that make us who we are – a process called self-affirmation – we preserve our self-worth in the face of our shortcomings.

Self-affirmation has been shown to have powerful effects – research suggests that it can minimize the anxiety, stress, and defensiveness associated with threats to our sense of self while keeping us open to the idea that there is room for improvement. But how does the process of self-affirmation actually work?

New research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, explores the neurophysiological reactions that could explain how self-affirmation helps us deal with threats to our self-integrity.

“Although we know that self-affirmation reduces threat and improves performance, we know very little about why this happens. And we know almost nothing about the neural correlates of this effect,” says lead researcher Lisa Legault of Clarkson University.

Legault and her colleagues Michael Inzlicht of the University of Toronto Scarborough and Timour Al-Khindi of Johns Hopkins University posed several hypotheses. They theorized that because self-affirmation has been shown to make us more open to threats and unfavorable feedback, it should also make us more attentive and emotionally receptive to the errors that we make.

The researchers further hypothesized that these effects on attention and emotion could be measured directly in the form of a well-known brain response called error-related negativity, or ERN. The ERN is a pronounced wave of electrical activity in the brain that occurs within 100 ms of making an error on a task.

To test their hypotheses, the researchers randomly assigned 38 undergraduates to either a self-affirmation or a non-affirmation condition at the beginning of the study. In the self-affirmation condition, participants were asked to rank six values – including aesthetic, social, political, religious, economic, and theoretical values – from most to least important. They then had five minutes to write about why their highest-ranked value was important to them. In the non-affirmation condition, participants also ranked the six values, but they then wrote why their highest-ranked value was not very important to them. This was done in order to undermine self-affirmation in that group.

After ranking the values, the participants performed a test of self-control – the “go/no-go” task – in which they were told to press a button whenever the letter M (the “go” stimulus) appeared on a screen; when the letter W (the “no-go” stimulus) appeared, they were supposed to refrain from pressing the button. To increase the sense of threat in the task, participants were given negative feedback (“Wrong!”) when they made a mistake.

While they were completing the go/no-go task, the participants’ brain activity was recorded using electroencephalography, or EEG.

The findings suggest that self-affirmation improved participants’ performance on the go/no-go task. Participants in the self-affirmation condition made fewer errors of commission – pressing the button when they shouldn’t have – than did those in the non-affirmation condition. WANG ART

Sir Michael Philip Jagger Acrylic Print featuring the drawing Mick Jagger - Pop Stylised Art Sketch Poster by Kim Wang

But the participants’ brain activity revealed an even more interesting story. While the self-affirmation and non-affirmation groups showed similar brain activity when they answered correctly, self-affirmed participants showed a significantly higher ERN when they made an error. This effect held up even after the researchers accounted for the number of errors of commission and errors of omission the participants made, in addition to their reaction times for the task.

Notably, the association between the ERN and the number of errors that participants made was stronger for the self-affirmed group. This suggests that self-affirmation enhanced the ERN response for those participants, which in turned predicted their performance on the task. The researchers speculate that participants who were self-affirmed were more receptive to errors which allowed them to better correct for their mistakes.

“These findings are important because they suggest one of the first ways in which the brain mediates the effects of self-affirmation,” says Legault.

While these findings help to demystify the mechanisms that underlie self-affirmation, they may also have important practical implications. According to Legault, “Practitioners who are interested in using self-affirmation as an intervention tactic in academic and social programming might be interested to know that the strategy produces measurable neurophysiological effects.”

Legault says that, ultimately, this research helps to show that “error-related distress, and our awareness thereof, can actually be a good thing.”

News > Latest Research News > Self-Affirmation Enhances Performance, Makes Us Receptive to Our Mistakes

Waiting for the Barbarians: Top 100 Poem 

This is a timeless example of how the Greek poet Cavafy’s unique voice, characterized by a blend of literary and vernacular language, speaks frankly to readers, often expressing themes of political irony.
What are we waiting for, assembled in the forum?
      The barbarians are due here today.
Why isn’t anything going on in the senate?
Why are the senators sitting there without legislating?
      Because the barbarians are coming today.
      What’s the point of senators making laws now?
      Once the barbarians are here, they’ll do the legislating.
Why did our emperor get up so early,
and why is he sitting enthroned at the city’s main gate,
in state, wearing the crown?
      Because the barbarians are coming today
      and the emperor’s waiting to receive their leader.
      He’s even got a scroll to give him,
      loaded with titles, with imposing names.
Why have our two consuls and praetors come out today
wearing their embroidered, their scarlet togas?
Why have they put on bracelets with so many amethysts,
rings sparkling with magnificent emeralds?
Why are they carrying elegant canes
beautifully worked in silver and gold?
      Because the barbarians are coming today
      and things like that dazzle the barbarians.
Why don’t our distinguished orators turn up as usual
to make their speeches, say what they have to say?
      Because the barbarians are coming today
      and they’re bored by rhetoric and public speaking.
Why this sudden bewilderment, this confusion?
(How serious people’s faces have become.)
Why are the streets and squares emptying so rapidly,
everyone going home lost in thought?
      Because night has fallen and the barbarians haven’t come.
      And some of our men just in from the border say
      there are no barbarians any longer.
Now what’s going to happen to us without barbarians?
Those people were a kind of solution.
C. P. Cavafy, “Waiting for the Barbarians” from C.P. Cavafy: Collected Poems. Translated by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard. Translation Copyright © 1975, 1992 by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard. Reproduced with permission of Princeton University Press.
Source: C.P. Cavafy: Collected Poems (Princeton University Press, 1975)


VIRJENE VALLEEN November 21, 2018

Reading 5 Affirmations with 5 gratitude every morning and than again in the evening make a huge difference in my Outlook on life and how i handle issues that arise throughout the day.

TRACEY MEADOWS June 24, 2019

I am just starting this journey and I hope that journaling will help me through my depression and to finally be able to land a job.
I recently lost my job due to illness and I am down and hope to get reassurance that there is a better ending than what my mind is thinking .

JEANNE GREEN August 27, 2019

Tracy, my good wishes are with you. There was a time in my life, just like time is now in your life. I wrote 100x daily what I wanted to achieve, what I intended to invite into my life. The technique was simple: write out a line, wait for a response from my ‘inside” that often told me that I do not deserve it, or such. I would say:”But I want it anyways, thanks for sharing”. And I would write down the same intention/affirmation on line # 2. And do on, till 100 lines were done, with the same intention. After a week I finally heard from my inside:”Go for it girl, you deserve it !”. Unlike the prior many times when voices of my family kept telling me (in my inner hearing )that I did not deserve to achieve what I was intending, and how dare I trying to get away from them.
Each time I would briefly say:”Thank you for sharing but this is WHAT I WANT”. Blessings, and good healing, internally and externally.

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®ΜΣTiger Head

Designed and sold by TeesByDesign #MOM

Fake game Friday: Luigi Mario: 1up Attorney – Destructoid

Placement Firm Legal Link Co. ‘F’ in “FLipS” Economic Downturn into Partnering Opportunities IV


Legal Link Confidential (LLC) B partnered with 30 of the largest law firms in Washington DC, New York and Charlotte during the Covid-19 Pandemic economic downturn, and is now succeeding in placing highly qualified candidates with these firms. The focus is on legal placement through consultative matching of legal staff, counselors and associates set them apart from other placement firms as they SHINE the EXCLUSIVE & ELITE.


Legal Placement Firm Washington DC, New York and Charlotte
Legal Link Co Logo/ℜ/ip

Our motto is FIRM: Find, Interview, Represent, Match professionals in legal pathways with the right mix of consultative matching, compassion, collaboration and balance.


§×¥¹ APRIL 14, 2021 INT’L PRE[SS]z²³🐱

Launching into brand new employment markets in 2020–quite possibly the worst year for the legal placement industry due to the unique characteristics of the pandemic–was difficult at best. #MUSTACHE #QUESTIONZ #IVINTERVIEW PREP Qs

Yet, the leadership at Legal Link Confidential (LLC) had a vision and counted on their 15 years of legal placement and partnering experience to make this bold move.

“We focused on positioning ourselves with the largest firms in Washington DC, New York, and Charlotte, and proving with both credibility and work ethic that we could bring high-quality candidates when law firms were ready for them,” said Geoff Wexler, principal at LLC.

“It’s now paying dividends for our legal placement clients.”

Last June when there was less than one legal associate openings for most large law firms, this placement group took the opportunity to grow and enhance their business firm relationships.

“Those numbers were anemic,” said Wexler. “We knew momentum could be generated by nurturing each professional relationship when the economy strengthened.”

LLC now has strategic placement relationships with 30 of the top 100 law firms, according to the American Lawyer (AmLaw).

Wexler believes strongly in personal connections with both client and attorney talent. He focuses on connecting the right candidates with these law firms.

“Many organizations in placement include law as a part of what they do,” said Wexler. “This is all that we do.”

“Our motto is FIRM: Find, Interview, Represent, Match professionals in legal pathways with the right mix of consultative matching, compassion, collaboration and balance.”

Conversely, now that number of openings has ballooned almost to 25X¹ factor in growth since June 2020, LLC’s approach is both discrete and elite.

“Hiring firms can try to bring a ‘laundry list’ of candidates to the law offices, in hopes of making one of them stick. We’re particular about which candidate goes to the legal team for a confidential review and interview.”

“Bad matches don’t do anyone any good, so we’d rather minimize the time commitment for candidates and the clients alike.”

In less than a year, this strategic launch has resulted in over 300 active legal openings, mostly at the staff, associate and counselor levels.

“The targeting and re-engagement have swung the momentum. There are definitely opportunities in nearly all sophisticated areas of law practice for attorneys looking to explore their options.”

You can follow Legal Link Confidential on their Company Blog, their Updated Job Listings or on LinkedIn

§Period of regeneration

Crocodiles are symbols of wisdom and the protector and keeper of all knowledge. Therefore, this ferocious beast signifies a new beginning of the term of renewal and growth. Take time to integrate the changes in life. Look for opportunities to absorb and ingest new knowledge and wisdom if a crocodile has swum into the life. Use breathing techniques to keep #balanced# during this time of change. from-safari-center.com¼ II§SsTA¥ TUNED 4PART NRS4 of TRAPP[in]G@s ft MMCWT ||\\|| IIG.0.A.Ts²³V/||\\||$§§


Tiger Head Hunter Wild Animal Art Print Tiger Face Animal Lover iPad Case & SkinFavorite


#Features LEGL

  • Slim impact-resistent polycarbonate case with protective lip 
  • Design wraps around the sides of the case and the colors are embedded directly into the case
  • Case allows full access to device ports
  • Fits 4th generation (launched 2012), 3rd generation (launched 2012) and 2nd generation (launched 2011) iPad models. Fits model numbers (find these on the back of your iPad): A1395, A1396, A1397, A1403, A1416, A1430, A1458, A1459, A1460
  • Thickness 3/64 inch (1mm), weight 35g


 + Read all 12 reviews Tiger Head Hunter Wild Animal Art Print Tiger Face Animal Lover
Designed and sold by TeesByDesign featured by THE HEAD-Hunter G. WeX<><>

Makes a great gift for valentines day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, grandparents day, Thanksgiving, boxing day, St. Patricks Day, Christmas, Halloween, birthday, anniversary.

Also available oniPad Skin$MABELL #ANTITRUiST $20.21 $CWT$ ATT $T Gif link at top: <iframe src=”” width=”480″ height=”480″ frameBorder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href=””>via GIPHY</a></p>http://Laptop SleeveLaptop Sleeve #MSFT# FWELLSARG0 CHASE $35.86 Laptop Skin$25.2Samsung Galaxy Snap Case$25.25Hardcover Journal$Ha

Tiger Head Hunter Wild Animal Art Print Tiger Animal L\ver i[phone] 

SPeech recognition and FINTECHLAW by Ms. Kidd 8th grade South Charlotte Shockers starting point.Ð∃🦇≡Σ

Lateralling professionals is about taking  “self” out of the equation at certain points in the process, which includes “we” or us. On both sides of the LLC representation, we never expect to have all 26 cards in the decision deck of 52 player/posture cards each of that privelege. Our clients’ pipeline as well as influential ((circle(s)) or variables with our candidates ultimately reign supreme in an ultimate on balance nexus if an offer surfaces.  Like free choice, at will employment, partners, teams and family expectations will factor [at] large.  re search re (C)ir(c)le(S) re(ad)dress  .EZ MACM

The #1 Mixed Martial ARts (MMA) organization, the UFC, has continued to deal with large scale antitrust litigation matters joining Facebook in Pandemic posture punches.  The UFC has also been the most consistent premium sports watch through the pandemic, as it doesn’t have typical peak seasons like the big 4 sports….


McDonalds McMillions 

re Big M@c Miller LlciglightsLLC 

McMillions Monop: McDonalds [in]ternal

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circle back construction (re layer) next week


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Wimbledon 1877 LogoS 04/14/21

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"8b,   ,aa  
 `"Ybbd8"'  ∑ANN ∠gdubz ωℵLLC LEGAL LINK CO citations: ~:text=Crocodiles%20are%20symbols%20of%20wisdom,term%20of%20renewal%20and%20growth .&text=Look%20for%20opportunities%20to%20absorb,has%20swum%20into%20the%20life.