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1.4Fallen💜𐤇eroeS -∀-Tribute 2PEOPLE4.1

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Today marks two years since a gunman took the lives of UNC Charlotte students Riley Howell and Reed Parlier and injured four others, Drew Pescaro, Emily Houpt, Rami Al-Ramadhan and Sean DeHart according to the Charlotte Business Journal.  #HEROES #HERALÐ #HYRULES

  • Reed was known for his wit and kind spirit. He was a beloved son, brother, friend and classmate.
  • Riley is credited with tackling the gunman, thus saving more lives. He was known as a big Star Wars buff, even earning the title of Jedi posthumously.

Join the university today in remembering Riley and Reed during a livestream from 5:15-5:40pm, via UNC Charlotte’s website or Facebook.

  • Consider making a donation to the Riley Howell Foundation, which Riley’s family started to support other families and victims affected by gun violence. Or to the Ellis Reed Parlier Scholarship Fund at UNC Charlotte.
  • We can also remember Riley & Reed with these two songs, which former chancellor Phil Dubois told me in 2019 were their favorites: “American Dream” by Switchfoot and “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra. article content above thanks to growing partnerships with the business journal. 

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"Hero Salutes 2 Any1 That Saves 1 Life" -Bob Weil "WE" remember A|| Kings|||\/|||

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Phonemic representationχxħ
Position in alphabet8
Numerical value8
Alphabetic derivatives of the Phoenician

Heth, sometimes written Chet, but more accurately Ḥet, is the eighth letter of the Semitic abjads, including Phoenician Ḥēt 𐤇 Phoenician heth.pngHebrew Ḥēth ח‎, Aramaic Ḥēth Heth.svgSyriac Ḥēṯ ܚArabic Ḥā’ حMaltese Ħ, ħ.

Heth originally represented a voiceless fricative, either pharyngeal /ħ/, or velar /x/. In Arabic, two corresponding letters were created for both phonemic sounds: unmodified ḥāʾ ح represents /ħ/, while ḫāʾ خ represents /x/.

The Phoenician letter gave rise to the Greek eta ΗEtruscan HLatin H, and Cyrillic И. While H is a consonant in the Latin alphabet, the Greek and Cyrillic equivalents represent vowel sounds.RIP IV |\| )( \/\/ 0)(Ø)

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