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REAdjusting-Bars, Charlotte, NC & around the country are rebounding so in honor of our country’s liberties of FREEDOM with FLUIDITY,  we’re covering the action at LLC post St Paddys. With 6 ft. of distance turning into 3 feet according to the CDC, Bars, A-r-t, and Restaurant options w/ entertainment are officially on the right side of the curve. Speaking of bars, I adjusted some and colors ThinkBUZZ Minted CLT along with context in our Legal-PoeTiC-B-A-R$ – re-mix rhythm w/ rhyme scheme re_follow an_A-B-C-Brhyme pattern w/ multi-layer entendre in fluence & flow. RE DEFINE: Fluidity RE Balance B-A-R-S #Deliver#Enjoy-#Finish

READ Prohibition patterns history and legal intersections we call a nexus of opportunity. Relate to the new reforms, compliance, initiatives and changing Marijuana regulations happening RIGHT now as NY lawmakers reach a deal to legalize recreational marijuana according to sources familiar to CNN.  For our NY and international audience this is a US PRESENT opportunity, where we encourage others to hedge, innovate,  capitalize, thrive, re invest re apply re think re adjust re analyze but don’t have paralysis of analysis or b2late.  Leading firms in this sector like A&P, Troutman or Philly Powerhouse Duane Morris are in the trenches aka “weeds” putting out valuable information #DM #KManageMe@nT #Regulatory #Collaboration #AP420  

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WE [ΧL] ER News No worries, ER isn’t for Emergency as my contribution to the picture above was literally 1% b/c @ LLC we try not to over[or]understate representation. My wife re-searched, found, organized, watched YOUTUBE, BUILT, & CONSTRUCTED this indoor masterpiece similar to the above pic for our daughter.  My 1% contribution hammered home 1 nail and now will shoutout &-re-sha-re-the innovative company here, brainrichkids. Project costs are all primarily under a grand.  In Finance News, LLC & Wayne Subsidiaries purchased GOOGllc and redevelopment will start early next month. Lot’s of options for and friends.  The ER scare tactic was candid for the way my personal and office space looked last week.  I must double down on thanking the wife for re organizing and re jazzing up the work space along with opening the windows as it illuminated the [g]lair.  New vision board in the office too which I’ll write about on a separate post as writing more = accountability w/ tracking.  Less on legal,  I FOLLOW-Lamelo Ball fan on Twitter & TV so it was nice to see the Hornets play well against the Miami Heat in his absence.  They should make a playoff run and hopeful our #1 Baller Brand will be healed, stronger and playoff ready-update-Miami, FL Sun Sentinel 110-105 Hornets hold on to give Heat their sixth straight loss.  Malik Monk was spectacular as was Terry Rozier and the guard play but really should have CLOSED out better like last night’s overtime session.  Always Be Consultative

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