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¹updated on 05/24/21

I have to thank my Stef•4 the inspirations and visions behind the today’s blog graphic.  So what is a Thera (Back) Cane exactly? Well other than being a top 5 material object in my current life, it is a holistic tool that probably dates back to ancient times I believe in the Asian communities, which typically garner respect despite recent horrific events.  Rest In Peace to those families affected and victims –Washington Post and the World W-I-D-E W#E#B Sees.  “Back” to the Thera Cane, you will want to buy the name brand so plan to spend $30-45.  My friend and former coworker Peter got an off brand weaker material that snapped, which is still hysterical.  There are some things to go thrifty on but a back or your primary tools don’t qualify. #Trey #Mallet #Qtrly #eM.  Here is a video:   

Review By Dr. Michael Tank, who has cred(s) and a S-t-r-o-n-G profile pic: – Check “back” may have Dr. Br_c_LLCallCall

Amazon4.7/5.0 w/ 8506 reviewsLinK-Here Stress Relief Tension Lactic Acid Knots Weaken
Trigger Point Therapy is LLC Approved – LOVE Theracane re fresh re care relieve re share


No need to -M- ander, purchased  it this month along with 30 other @maZinG website URLs to be voted on at 1FreeParkinGLoT all under $10.  I spent just around $200 for some winners and a couple duds, we will just tie & RE Lync, L[in]K,  L-I-N-C-onfidentia-llc@LLC

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The CWT motto is in full effect with LLC now. This month in legal is dedicated to celebrating with them. We always champion the long game with professional contacts and more or less people in general. Celebrate the important ladies and people in your life year long #work/life/balance. With that said, this blog post is color designed to divert the mind and creativity versus more cwt clown[in]g with time. It’s time for a vote:

re: color = green
practice group – Tobacco/MJ


re: C-o-l-o-r-in-g
re: C-o-l-o-ring
re: C-olo-ring
re: Coloring
re: Calling
re calling
re charge


RE Charging

RE Char-ging

RE Ch-ar-ging

RE: Ch-ar-g-ing
RE: C-h-a-r-g-ing



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