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||¢™²³||©⊕⊗¬Defining Legacies & Winning the Long Game:⊕⊗⊕⊗
Author, Aηyega & Don Wimble

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Dean Smith and Roy Williams are two phenomenal coaches; a story of a successful “apprenticeship” program. Williams was a freshman basketball player at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill when Dean Smith was still a coach. He learned From Dean smith: He attended team practices and would take notes on the sideline on Smith’s Coaching. Besides, he volunteered to keep statistics for Smith at home games and would work in Smith’s summer camps. 

Early Interest in Basketball

⊕⊗⊕⊗Dean Smith⊕⊗⊕⊗

Dean Smith attended Topeka High School, where he played basketball in all four years. He was named all-state as a senior. He would continue the playing career at the University of Kansas (Where Roy Williams would end up coaching), where he won the 1952 national championship. Dean Smith would later serve as assistant coach to head coach, Phog[la|s|s|e|s]” Allen in the 1953–54 season #COACHx#Kx3³

🏀Roy Williams🏀

Roy Williams played basketball for his high school,  T. C. Roberson High School, in all four years. He was named all-county and all-conference in 1967 and 1968. He continued his career at the University of North Carolina, where Dean Smith was the coach. He would play regularly for the freshman team, but his priorities changed when he was a sophomore at the university; he decided to venture into coaching. After showing interest, Dean Smith allowed him to attend practice where he would take notes at the bench. He also attended summer camps with the team. 


Dean Smith

Dean Smith started his rise in the profession when he joined North Carolina’s Frank McGuire (the then head coach) as his assistant coach.  He became head coach after three years following McGuire’s exit. During his coaching career at the university, he only endured one losing season(the 1964 season). He would later lead his team to the national championship game in 1968 and won the competition in 1981-82 season with would-be greats including Michael Jordan, James Worthy, and Sam Perkins.

One of his successes was he ran a clean program that saw student-athletes under him achieve a graduation rate of 96.6%. He is known as one of only three coaches to have coached teams to an Olympic gold medal, an NIT championship, and an NCAA championship.

Roy Williams

Roy Williams, like Dean Smith, started his coaching career as an assistant, and the latter was the head coach at the time. They both helped the team the NCAA national championship in 1982. He is credited with helping recruit Michael Jordan to North Carolina.

He would later take up the head coach position at the University of Kansas in 1988. During his tenure as head coach, he had a record of 418–101, a .805 winning percentage. Becoming the 2nd on Kansas’ all-time wins list behind “P-hog” Allen.

During that time, he was second on Kansas’ all-time wins list behind only Pho|g Allen at the time of his departure. His Kansas team won more games in the 1990s than any other team. His team clinched the number 1 ranking in the country in six different seasons and number 2 in 11 out of 15 seasons he was head coach. He later became North Carolina’s head coach in 2001, leading it to a National Championship in 2005.

Giving Back

Both Dean Smith and Roy Williams gave back, albeit in different ways. Dean Smith was all about social justice, as he championed the fight against segregation and racial discrimination. He recruited the first black scholarship athlete in North Carolina, and he also helped one black graduate student purchase a house in an all-white neighborhood. Williams, on the other hand, made donations in the millions to UNC to support various scholarships.

These two greats have several things in common, but connecting bonds unite them through the Chapel along the University of North Carolina pathways. They both won their first of many championships in UNC, helping them get inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2007. And they were great friends too: Dean Smith convinced Roy Williams to take up the UNC coaching job in 2003. #UN1s #UNCs #UN.m.edu #UNC1G #GO1ogle #DEAN #4C #LEARNING #LEGAL #CAREERS|ll #CHARIT¥ #FACEOFFπ©


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Dean SmithFebruary 28, 1931 ~ February 7, 2015 #DESE|GREG #8LEGEND #5STÅRZ

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August 1, 1936 ~ July 23, 1993 


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